Adult Braces – A Guide To Getting Braces As An Adult

Making the decision to wear braces when you are an adult can be daunting. Most people are used to seeing adolescents with braces but adult braces patients are still far less common to encounter. Many adult braces patients therefore get nervous about the reaction of other adults to their decision to wear braces.Many adults who did not have the opportunity to wear braces as a child make the decision to improve their teeth as an adult. Many adults also have teeth that have relapsed from previous orthodontic work and now need retreating. Other adult patients simply find that their teeth have moved with age, or that they start to experience tooth and jaw problems as a result of orthodontic issues.In the past the only option when it came to orthodontics was wearing traditional metal braces, an option that many adult patients find unpalatable. In recent years however lots of alternatives to metal braces have become available. There are now a multitude of other options including lingual braces, ceramic braces, clear fixed braces and Damon braces.There have also been scientific developments that have allowed the creation of invisible or clear braces. These braces are much less visible than traditional braces as they are made from a transparent plastic that fits very tightly over the teeth and has no need for any wires or other visible material. These new types of braces, an example of which are Invisalign, are also able to be removed by the patient for short periods if necessary. This means that there is less social embarrassment as the braces can be removed for times such as a job interview or first date.Adult patient treatment time can be longer than that for adolescents as teeth tend to be more firmly fixed in the mouth. However the vast majority of patients find that their improved self confidence and looks are more than worth the time spent in treatment.Adult patients also tend to be more compliant with their treatment than patients who are still teenagers. This means that their oral hygiene may be better and also in the case of a removable appliance that they are more likely to wear it for the appropriate amount of time required to achieve a good result.Although wearing braces as an adult is not a minor undertaking it is one that in general results in a great deal of satisfaction for the patient.